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Sensitive and oily skin.
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Decoding What "Vegan", "Natural", and "Clean Beauty" Means

Decoding What "Vegan", "Natural", and "Clean Beauty" Means

Vegan skincare and clean beauty is currently on the rise. You may have started to notice a plethora of products labeled with a “clean beauty” sticker on them, or “vegan” and “cruelty free” somewhere on their packaging. In the vast world of skincare, where every ingredient is looked up and examined carefully, it’s no surprise that everyone is moving away from synthetic fragrances, man-made oils, and preservatives.

Although, these terms are used in conjunction with each other, unfortunately they’re not interchangeable.

Vegan beauty: To be classified as vegan, the product must meet requirements and guidelines to ensure that it does not contain any animal products or any animal based ingredients. Vegan products can absolutely be tested on animals, unfortunately. On the other hand, cruelty-free products can contain animal by-products, making them not vegan. A good indicator to find is if they have a Leaping Bunny symbol.

Natural beauty: Natural products will contains mostly, if not all, botanical products, such as plants, other botanical extracts, and minerals. 100% of natural beauty products will have a shorter shelf life due to not having any preservatives in them.

Clean beauty: For a product to be clean, it must be sourced ethically, it cannot harm the earth or the environment, and is sustainable. These products will be free from phthalates, parabens, sulfates (SLS & SLES), mineral oil, and formaldehydes.

Looking at all of this can be confusing, but it all depends on the ingredients.

If you don’t know where to start, I’ve built a skincare routine comprised of clean, natural, or vegan products. (all of which I have tried and used myself.)

  1. Cleanse:

  2. Exfoliators:

  3. Toners:

  4. Essences:

  5. Serums:

  6. Moisturizers:

  7. Eye creams:

  8. Sunscreens:

  9. Masks:

Clean and cruelty free beauty has always been something I stood behind when I dove into the world of skincare. Every product is formulated differently and has different concentrates of ingredients, therefore, it’s always important to check the ingredients to know what you’re applying on your skin. Your skin is the biggest organ on your body, so you should make sure it’s absorbing safe ingredients. Using clean products can minimize your skin’s sensitivity and irritation, and it’s much better for you and the environment.

I am not sponsored by any of the brands listed above nor am I affiliated with any. Thank you for reading & take care!  – xoxo, Annie.

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