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NC15. Semi-acne prone. 
Sensitive and oily skin.
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"It's not vanity, it's self-care. There's a difference." – Jonathan Van Ness

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Glossier Play: All. The. Swatches. + Haul!

Glossier Play: All. The. Swatches. + Haul!

Would you believe me if I told you that I made a trip back to NYC just to visit Glossier once again?
You know I couldn’t keep my hands off the new Glossier Play collection.

Before I get into my haul, I must show you all the swatches of the new Glossier Play collection! This entire collection did not disappoint.


If you’re going to get one thing from Glossier Play, I recommend the Colorslides! They literally DO NOT BUDGE.

Top row (left to right): Early Girl, Hardcore Velvet, Brack, Disaster Class, Adult Swim, Stable Relationship

Bottom row (left to right): Nectar, Sparkle Shark (metallic), Cash Salad (metallic), Candyland (metallic), Magic Carpet (metallic), Pretty Penny (metallic), Critical Mass, Jumbo

The Vinylic Lip Lacquers give off such a beautiful shine, I almost feel like a new woman wearing it.

Tow row (left to right): Baby, Blow-Up
Middle row (left to right): Pony, Disco
Bottom row (left to right): Casino, Bank

They’re so long lasting and so easy to apply. I love that I never have to really use a mirror for any Glossier lip products.


Quite arguably the most fun part of the collection: The Glitter Gelees!

Top to bottom (left to right): Firewalk, Bijoux Bijoux, Glass Bonsai, Phantasm

I bought both Phantasm and Bijoux Bijoux! Phantasm for when I feel bold and daring. Bijoux Bijoux to add more oomph to my cat eyes.

Niteshine: it truly lives up to its name, because the shine is real.

Left to right: Platinum Rose, Pale Pearl, Deep Copper, Molten Umber

A little goes a long way! Deep Copper is such a gorgeous shade, I almost got it to use it as a liquid eyeshadow. The formula is really unique, it’s a little on the dewier side, but it’s not tacky at all!


I purchased the Playground Set, plus another Glitter Gelee and Colorslide. These colors are way too tempting!

Haul: Glitter Gelee in Phantasm & Bijoux Bijoux, Colorslide in Sparkle Shark & Magic Carpet, Vinylic Lip in Bank, Niteshine in Pale Pearl, The Detailer, and The Blade

This whole collection is a party. Look at these colors!


Left to right: Phantasm & Bijoux Bijoux. Left: No flash. Right: With flash. This sparkle pay off is real.


Left to right: Niteshine in Pale Pearl, Coloslides in Sparkle Shark & Magic Carpet. Left: no flash. Right: with flash.


Click for more! The gorgeous Vinylic Lip in Bank. The shine pay off is unbelievable! I mix it with any Balm Dot Com for the ultimate hydration and shine.


This is what the whole collection looks like on me! I layered Phantasm over Magic Carpet for a glittery cat eye. Bank is seriously the perfect lip color. It looks like I’ve been eating berries all day.

On my brows are Boy Brow in Black. On my cheekbones is Niteshine in Pale Pearl.

Included in the playground set, the sharpener comes with a purple cleaner (?). To clean, insert the purple stick and twist to clean the blade.

Final thoughts: I would definitely repurchase the Colorslides and Lip Vinylics in different colors! The Colorslides really do not budge, which is a huge plus for me and my oily eyelids. Especially the metallics, they’re so unique. The Lip Vinylics are hydrating for a lipstick! I’ll be picking up Baby next.
Unfortunately, I would pass on the Glitter Gelees, at least until they come out with a biodegradable glitter formula. (Still trying to figure out how to dispose of this.)
Overall, Glossier never fails to disappoint on their makeup, and they really nailed it with this collection!

You can purchase the entire Playground Set here for $60! You save $15 for purchasing the whole collection. Shop Glossier Play here. Want 10% off Glossier? Click here. 

I am not sponsored by Glossier nor am I affiliated with Glossier. Thank you for reading & take care!  – xoxo, Annie.

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