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The Glossier Showroom (Swatches, Haul, & More)

The Glossier Showroom (Swatches, Haul, & More)

My trip to the Glossier Showroom was an absolute dream. It supposed to be a trip to visit New York, but who am I kidding, right? I went there twice to get the full experience (also, I let my friend try my Priming Moisturizer and he loved it so we went back) – and to swatch everything of course.

Keep reading if you want to read the full experience, scroll down to Swatches if you want to see Glossier IRL on my skin, scroll down some more to Haul if you want to see what I got from The Glossier Showroom!


If you've never been to the Glossier Showroom, it's located on 123 Lafayette Street in Manhattan, New York. The Showroom is open everyday from 11 AM to 8 PM, Monday through Sunday.


When getting there, you'll see the Glossier banners flown high on the building, if not, you'll probably see the long line that's coming out of it. Both of the times that I have gone, it was around 4 pm and the line was about 10-15 people long. It does go by fairly fast, they let people in based on the amount of people that are currently in the Showroom and the amount that are leaving from the elevator.


The Showroom is located at the very top of the building, in the Penthouse. Once you're in the building, one of the Glossier employees will lead you into the elevator that will take you to the penthouse. Stepping into the elevator, I'm convinced Glossier sprays their elevator and Showroom with Glossier You. The air smelled SO GOOD. 


Once in, I'm pretty sure I had a sensory overload. I honestly had no idea what to touch and smell first. Immediately to the right is the "You Look Good" iconic mirror to take selfies in, and to my left, I was greeted by an awesome Glossier employee. I can't even begin to explain how nice and eager they were to help everyone out!


Further to the left, there's a display of  Milky Jelly with a Venus Bust and flowers from @brrch_floral. All throughout, there's closed displays of the new Cloud Paints in Dusk and Storm, Lash Slick mascara, and the Soothing Face Mist. 
In the far right, there's a sink where you can try on the face masks and well as their shower oils, lotions, and cleansers. In store and online, they have the Phase 1 & 2 set for $40, Specials, such as: Body Hero duo for $35, Lidstar duo for $30, 2 Cloud Paints for $30, a Boy Brow & Haloscope duo for $30, 3 Balms for $30, and a Mask duo for $40.


How the buying process works: everything that is out in the showroom is for you to try on, swatch, smell, etc. It's a self checkout, so once you know what you want, find a Glossier employee to ring you up. They all wear super cute pink jumpsuits and carry around iPads to swipe your card when you're ready. Once they package your order, they call out your name for you to pick up at the front!


My favorite part of the whole experience!
I went straight to the Cloud Paints to get a hands on experience with Storm. I fell in love with this shade the moment it was released, but I wanted to see it on myself before I bought it. It looked perfect on me! It was like the sunburned rosy look minus being out in the beach all day.

Cloud Paint and Haloscope – Top to Bottom
Cloud Paint: Dawn, Beam, Puff, Dusk, Haze, Storm
Haloscope: Quartz, Moonstone, Topaz

Shown in natural light and sunlight! I've layered on the Cloud Paints to show off the full color. It's buildable so you can go darker or lighter. The Haloscopes shine so brightly in the sun, it looks almost ethereal.


Lidstar – Top to Bottom: Lily, Fawn, Herb, Cub, Slip, Moon
Shown in natural light and sunlight.


Lipgloss – it reminds me a lot of Fenty Beauty's formula but without the color or glitter. I definitely want to get this once I finish up my current gloss.


Stretch Concealer – Top to Bottom: Light, Medium, Deep, Dark, Rich


Perfecting Skin Tint – Top to Bottom: Light, Medium, Dark, Deep, Rich


Not pictured: Invisible Shield. It smelled like oranges for a brief second but once that scent disappeared, I was left with a strong sunscreen smell. It kind of smelled like the sunscreen in drug stores. I loved the feel of it on my skin, it absorbed transparently and everything! But the smell was too strong for my liking. I hope they release a fragrance-free formula one day because I loved how it didn't leave a white cast on me at all.
Glossier You Solid: This scent of this compared to Glossier You in the bottle was a bit lighter and it didn't linger around as much. The compact was so cute! It had the same little dent like the bottle. Overall, the liquid perfume is longer lasting.
Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream Lotion: I wish I could've gotten this! Unfortunately it didn't meet carry on requirements so I'll have to order this later in the future. It smelled so pleasant! It had a powdery-like baby scent to it, it's not strong so it doesn't linger around. It also gives a light, shimmery sheen once applied on the skin.



I walked out with Haloscope in Moonstone and Boy Brow in Black Duo, 2 Cloud Paints in Storm and Dusk, Birthday Balm Dot Com, Glossier You, a mini Milky Jelly Cleanser, and a Priming Moisturizer. Best haul I've ever done honestly. In the bag, along with your purchase (that comes in cute pink pouches!), they also give you a sample and a sticker sheet. I received a Priming Moisturizer sample and their seasonal sticker! 
I got my friend Arturo, to fall in love with the Priming Moisturizer and he walked out with a purchase too.


Swatches Left to Right: Could Paint in Storm and Dusk, Haloscope in Moonstone


Moonstone is absolutely stunning. I've been using the Pat McGrath Highlighting Stick for awhile now but I've always wanted something more on the silver side and this is perfect. The center has coconut and castor oil for the dewy effect and not to mention it's also hydrating.


I am in love with this bottle! That little dent on the side makes it feel like it fits right in your hand. Both the scent and design is so unique.


The Priming Moisturizer, Milk Jelly, and Boy Brow are all repurchases of mine. I couldn't swatch the Birthday Cake balm because the balms didn't show up well, but the birthday cake has a light shimmer to it, imagine Moonstone, but less shimmery. Also, the scent is delicious!! I could not stop smelling it, it smells like vanilla frosting. Honestly, I think it smells even better than the coconut scented one they have.
I love everything I've purchased and my only regret is that I didn't buy the Cloud Paints sooner. But I'm glad I waited to swatch them IRL in the showroom. I think I might buy more Cloud Paints soon and maybe some Lidstars too... I'm currently eyeing Moon and Cub. 

Overall, this New York trip has been a dream. It's an amazing city with a unique charm to it. Also, it was where Glossier was born ;) I can't wait to visit NYC again soon!


I am not sponsored by any of the brands nor am I affiliated with any of the brands listed above. Thank you for reading & take care!  – xoxo, Annie.
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