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Dark Circles, Wrinkles, & Eye Bags, Oh My..

Everyone struggles with either one of these 3 in one way or another. Skin around the eyes are the most fragile on your face; it's one of the first places that show "aging", fine lines, puffiness, etc. The best thing you can do for this area is give it tons of hydration and a protective barrier around it. 


    There are 3 main reasons why you have dark circles. One of these could be the cause or a mixture of the three.

1. Hyperpigmentation
Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of the skin underneath your eyes. People normally think lack of sleep is a factor, but this is usually not the case. Sometimes, hyperpigmentation is inevitable no matter how much sleep you get! (I suffer from this.) 
If this is the reason why you have dark circles, AHAs, vitamin C, retinoids are your best friends. These are proven to lighten up dark circles due to hyperpigmentation. 

Sokoglam's Triple C Lightning Liquid ($27): This product contains vitamin C and it can be used all over the face to lighten up acne scars, hyperpigmentation, as well as smooth out skin texture. Be careful around the eye area with vitamin Cs, since the skin near your eye is a lot thinner and more sensitive, be cautious of how much product you are using. 
Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil ($55): It's formulated with Trans-retinoic Acid Ester, which will help with the hyperpigmentation and dryness around your eye area. This oil can also be used all over the face for overall brighter and smoother skin. (Can also be used for fine lines/wrinkles & dryness.)

PRO TIP: When using AHAs on your face, always remember to wear sunscreen! Wearing sunscreen will protect your under eyes from potentially becoming even darker due to UV rays. (The products used to lighten your eye area will make your skin more sensitive to light, I always stress to wear sunscreen because your skin WILL get damaged if not.)

2. Tear Troughs
Tear troughs is the area around your nose and your inner eye is hollowed, therefore giving your eyes an appearance of dark circles. Unfortunately, you can't do anything about this, this is how your face structure is. Concealers would be your best bet to reduce the appearance, but if you want to permanently get rid of this, you might want to get eye fillers. 

3. Visible Capillaries Due to Thin Skin
Since the skin under your eyes can be thin and also delicate, capillaries will show through. Again, there's not much you can do if it's your capillaries showing through, this is an issue underneath your skin. AHAs may help (the products listed above) in terms of brightening the skin, as well as concealers. (Any concealer of your choice will work in covering it up, but not fully get rid of it.)

OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright Eye Crème ($38): This cream acts as both a concealer and a brightening agent! It contains vitamin C which help reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. It also contains banana powder to help conceal dark circles. (Can also be used for fine lines/wrinkles & dryness.)


    Two types of eye wrinkles come up: it could be the ones under your eyes, or the ones forming due to aging and dryness.

    1. Under Eye Wrinkles
    The ones under your eyes have most likely always been there since forever. Those creases will never really go away unless you get injections. This isn't any skin damage or any abnormalities, but they're quite common. (I also have this, I've learned to own them :))

    2. Wrinkles Due to Aging & Dehydration
    Now this battle will eventually be inevitable, but there are products to prevent it! If you currently do not have wrinkles or wanting to reduce the appearance of it, focus on prevention.
    Again, my number 1 product for fine lines is sunscreen. Sun damage is no joke, it will damage your skin's elasticity therefore leading to wrinkles and fine lines. Another thing is to always stay hydrated. Hydration will help your skin from drying out, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The more hydrated your eyes are, the more soft, supple, and bouncy it is, preventing wrinkles.

Drunk Elephant Shaba Complex Eye Serum ($60): This product helps with fine lines and wrinkles, as well as dark circles and the skin's elasticity. It contains niacinamide and copper peptides to help reduce fine lines and improve the skin's elasticity. 
GOODAL Moisture Barrier Eye Cream ($30): This cream is extremely great for dry skin around the eye area. This also contains niacinamide and peptides to help prevent anti-aging signs.
LANEIGE Water Bank Eye Gel ($36): This product has ionzied mineral water that will quickly penetrate the eye area to hydrate and awaken your eyes giving you brighter, hydrated eyes. (Can also be used for under eye puffiness.) 
PAULA'S CHOICE RESIST Anti-Aging Eye Gel ($33): This gel contains peptides, licorice, and hyaluronic acid which will hydrate and refresh your eyes. (Can also be used for under eye puffiness.)

PRO TIP: Sleep on your back! Sleeping on the side will cause wrinkles due to the constant pressing of your face to the pillows. 


    Because the skin under your eyes are so thin, it can be susceptible to swelling and fluid retention. Factors that can cause this are: over consumption of salt (fluid retention), allergies, lack of sleep, dehydration, stress, hormonal imbalances, etc. (Eye puffiness can also be hereditary.)
    Some of these factors can be prevented, but if not, there are products that can help puffiness!

    BIOSSANCE Squalene + Peptide Eye Gel ($54): It contains eyeseryl and argireline to reduce the appearance of dark circles, under eye puffiness, and fine lines.
    SUNDAY RILEY Auto Correct Brightening & Depuffing Eye Contour Cream ($65): It contains ingredients such as caffeine and Brazilian ginseng root extract to help reduce eye puffiness as well as brighten the eye area (dark circles)!
    EBORIAN Ginseng Infusion Total Eye Cream ($46): This product also contains ginseng which is amazing for reducing eye puffiness! It'll also brighten up the under eye area to prevent that tired eye look. (Can also be used for fine lines/wrinkles.)
    THE ORDINARY Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG ($6.70): This bottle contains 5% of caffeine which will give your eyes that perfect "pick me up" look. It will quickly help reduce eye puffiness and give your eyes a refreshed, awake look.


If you've made it this far down the post, congrats! That was chock full of information I hope you've enjoyed. Picking the right eye cream takes time and patience, and you're probably wondering why the ones I recommended are so expensive. My take on it is, if you're going to buy an eye cream, this is the one product in your routine you're really going to want to splurge on.

A good eye cream can really go a long way in terms of helping out your eyes long term. After all, they are the thinnest and most sensitive skin on your face! You definitely want to give them some extra TLC (tender loving care). My inbox is always open if you have any questions! 


(I am not sponsored by any of the brands nor am I affiliated with any of the brands listed above. I am by no means licensed, but speaking from experience. Thank you for reading & take care! ♡ - Annie) 

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