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Holika Holika x Gudetama Haul

Holika Holika x Gudetama Haul

For anyone that knows me, they know that I am absolutely OBSESSED with a little Sanrio character named Gudetama. He is the infamous lazy egg from Japan. His name is a play on "gude gude" which means someone who is lacking in energy. 

Now, I am in love with this little egg character. I have Gudetama stuff from journals and stationary to stuffed animals, and even Gudetama towels! You would not believe how excited I was when I read that Holika Holika collaborated with Sanrio to release a Gudetama skincare/makeup line! I had to order a haul for myself. They came out with two editions of this collection. The first one was "Lazy & Easy" and the second, "Lazy & Joy". I bought part of the "Lazy & Easy" collection from testerkorea.com and the other half (Lazy & Joy), came from a friend that was visiting Korea at the time. 

As for testerkorea, this online store does a great job of having the newest items in stock and they ship quite fast too for having international shipping. From the other online sites that I've looked at, testerkorea had most of the Gudetama collection. I chose Registered Air Mail so it would come with a tracking number and it took about 2 weeks for it to get here. 

This lovely little haul contains: 

Lazy & Easy: All Kill Cleanser Oil to Foam, Smooth Egg Peeling GelStiquick Nail KitAll in One Master, Melting Lip Button, All Kill Sheet, Character Mask Sheet

Lazy & Joy: Dessert Hand Cream Set, Ceramide Capsule Cream, Party Up Nail Kit
The compact mirror was a free gift from Korea my friend gave me!

Now onto swatches and reviews! 

Look at this adorable packaging!


This cute lotion set came with 3 small hand lotions that were scented as cream cheese, sherbet, and custard.

I opened them all to see if they really did smell as what they claimed to be. 
The cream cheese smelled more of a floral scent then cream cheese, nothing special. The sherbet one smelled really citrusy! It was a faint smell, nothing overwhelming. The custard one was my favorite! It smelled like vanilla ice cream. 

It dried down matte which I loved because I'm really picky with hand lotions if they have that oily residue. It feels like everything I'm touching is dirty! The smell left my hands pretty quick and all that's left is softness. 


One of my favorite items from this collection is the "All in One Master". This gel-like substance is supposed to be an "all-in-one" cream for when you don't have time for the 7 step skincare routine. This is supposed to replace the toner, essence, serum, moisturizer, etc. I think this product is great for someone who doesn't have time for a skincare routine and can apply this on every morning and night. 


It has a convenient pump which is nice because a pump is always better than a jar to prevent bacteria from growing.  

It's translucent and kind of sticky, but when you apply this all over your face, it'll give you a slight dewy-like effect. This is a great product for anyone that is on the go or doesn't have patience for a skincare routine!


Now this cream here is great for anyone battling dry skin (especially during these winter months). This ceramide cream contains little moisture capsules that burst when applying to give you even moisture. Personally, my face is too oily for these kinds of creams, but it does WONDERS to the rest of my body. 

When you open up the jar, it has a little yellow cap which is essentially a barrier to keep any dust and/or moisture out of it. 

A close up of the cream. Those yellow flecks are the capsules that will burst when you lightly rub them into your skin to give you moisture. They're soft and will start to dissolve as you apply it onto your skin. 

This cream is really thick, so a little goes a long way! My hands were dry, so notice how fast the cream absorbed into my skin! 


This cleanser is another favorite from the collection because it didn't dry my skin out. A lot of oil to foam cleansers tend to act more like a foam and dry my skin. This cleanser also didn't have a noticeable smell to it either. 

I swatched a liquid lipstick, a cream lipstick, an eyeliner, and an eyeshadow to show you how well the cleanser preformed. (I moved to the bathroom for this one.)

I poured water onto my arm and added about two pumps of the cleanser.

After rubbing it in for about 30 seconds. Don't mind the color, the liquid lipstick is really pigmented!

My arm after rinsing and drying it with a towel. Everything is gone but the stain of the liquid lipstick. I kind of blame the formula for the lipstick on that one. Amazing job on their part for making it so long lasting! Overall, I think this cleanser does its part. I'd put it above my other cleansers mostly because it isn't drying to my skin.


One of my not so favorite items...the Smooth Egg Peeling Gel. It did do its part in "peeling" off dead skin, but it wasn't the results I wanted. I was swayed because of the cute packaging! I already have two other peeling gels in rotation... 

The "egg" has a plastic top you pop off and flip top on its face. The body of the container is made of a soft silicone so you can squeeze the product out from it. 


I applied about a dime size and rubbed it around just enough so it would coat my hand. I waited about 30 seconds then rubbed the gel in some more. There was only little "peels" coming off. You can see some near my thumb. It dried faster than I could continue to rub it in. 
This gel was a miss for me. It dried too fast for me to continue to rub it in and did not leave me with the results I wanted. I will still keep it for the sake of the cute egg packaging!


Honestly, this lipstick was an impulsive buy on my part... It don't even use lip tints or stains! But sadly, I cannot resist the packaging.

I was surprised by how quickly it melted when coming into contact with my skin. It definitely has a creamy, sheen finish to it.  

Left: swatched once. Right: swatched 3-5 times. This lipstick is build-able, but anymore than 3 layers, each layer starts to become unnoticeable as you apply more.


What I really loved about it though was the stain it left! I might just use this lipstick for the stain it leaves back.


Now these were something I just HAD to have. I already have Gudetama everything, why not have Gudetama nails? Pretty self explanatory, just paint your nails, let them dry and stick these on! I really cannot wait to use these on my nails soon.

I am still so in love with the packaging! Each color nail polish contains about 0.14 oz of color. 

Close up of the nail stickers! These are so. cute. I almost don't even want to use any of them. 

And last but not least, Gudetama sheet masks! Unfortunately, as cute as they are, these were a miss for me! I was so sad. 

I haven't tried this one yet, but this one contains a makeup removing wipe in "Step 1" and a sheet mask in "Step 2". 

This mask was the single sheet one. As much as a loved this, the serum in the sheet masked burn my skin! The alcohol content in this was way too high for my skin to handle. I only had it on for about 5 minutes before it became unbearable. After taking it off, I had some pink splotches on my face, which is not good..I really wanted to like this mask, but my face didn't. Perhaps my face is way too sensitive to the amount of alcohol in it. 
The ingredients are like any other typical korean sheet mask. If your face isn't allergic to any of the ingredients, let me know! I'll give the other two to you. :) 

You can find the rest of the collection on testerkorea.com
This concludes the lovely Gudetama haul! Wow, if you've read this far down, thanks! I hope you love this little egg character as much as I do. 


(I am not sponsored by Holika Holika or Sanrio nor am I affiliated with Holika Holika or Sanrio. All of the pictures are taken and edited by me unless stated otherwise. Thank you for reading & take care!♡ - Annie) 

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