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Review: Tony Moly Pure Farm Pig Collagen Sleeping Pack

First impressions:  I could not get over how adorable the packaging was! 
I purchased this sleeping pack at Urban Outfitters (I'll include a link of it and other places to buy down below). This was approximately $30.

Honestly, half of the reason why I got it was because of the packaging. The pig is too adorable.

It weighs about 2 oz. and has 80 g in it. It is a sleeping mask that is rich in collagen and replenishes the skin's elasticity. And yes, it does have pig's fat, sounds odd but trust me, it smells great!

The container has about 80 grams of product and smells very floral and light. The scent goes away after application so it's really easy on the nose. 

It's a jelly-like substance (because of the fat) but it goes on your face like a cream. You won't need much for the face, about two quarter size scoops is enough.

I just eye-balled it and applied as much as needed to cover my face. It'll feel like soft jelly in your hands, but when you apply it, it'll feel like more of a cream.

After it has been applied, leave it on overnight and wash it off with lukewarm water when you wake up. I took a shower when I woke up and it has left me with glowing skin ♡

It's currently winter in the states so I think this mask is PERFECT for the cold. Not only does it restore your elasticity, it is great for hydrating and moisturizing. 
I believe this is a great mask to use whenever you need a pick-me-up and have dull or rough/dry skin. My skin has never felt better. ♡ 

You can purchase the mask here: x x x

(I am not sponsored by Tony Moly nor am I affiliated with Tony Moly. All of the pictures are taken and edited by me unless stated otherwise. Thank you for reading & take care!♡ - Annie) 

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